Discussion Groups/Newsgroups

The huge volume of discussion on the subject of the Beatles shows no sign of abating. You can access two discussions via this page, assuming your browser has the necessary features.

  1. The Ottawa Beatles Site discussion Group is used primarily by Ottawa and surrounding residents using the National Capital Freenet. Only Freenet members may post to the group.
  2. rec.music.beatles is the premier wordwide Beatles newsgroup.

If you are a member of the National Capital Freenet, we recommend you return to the Freenet prompt > and type: go beatles Then select the discussion group you want from the menu. You will then be able to post on both discussion groups, and we warmly invite you to do so.

(It is not necessary to live in Ottawa to become a member of the National Capital Freenet. Anyone in the world may do so. Log on to Freenet as a guest (tel 613-520-1135) and type: go register).

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