To my partner in the development of this site: John Whelan

Dear John:

I just read your semi-retirement article on the news page. Nice piece of writing. Appropriate that you should be the subject of the news, because you have created a body of work that will stand the test of time, just like your subjects, John Paul George and Ringo. It seems clear to me that their music is set for future generations to enjoy. Lennon and McCartney may become the first classical composers writing in the popular vein. You have made a contribution to this phenomenon, giving new fans the chance to re-live the historical milestones and appreciate the atmosphere that those of us who lived through it at the time will be thankful for throughout our lives.

- Tony

Tony Copple
Proprietor, Ottawa Beatles Site

NB: This site will continue in John's absence, though I will miss him a lot, and should he contribute the occasional article I will be delighted. He has the keys of the door.

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