25 November 2006
By Tony Copple

21 November - 36 1/2 years after the Beatles' last release - "Let it Be" (18 May 1970), Apple released "Love," the soundtract from the Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas show. I was a happy owner of the discs (CD + 5.1 Surround sound-only DVD) by lunchtime. I had spent time in the last few days installing components to turn my stereo set-up into Surround Sound: a Technics SA EX31 receiver and an Athena centre speaker, both from a local pawn shop.

Four days later and I am still basking in the pleasure of listening to this marvellous realization by the father and son Martins of some of the finest music of the 20th century, researched, re-ordered and re-mastered into a theatrical event befitting such superb writing and playing all that time ago. I am only at my third listening and discovering more and more of the magic that Giles has worked, by splicing in and over-dubbing samples from original master tapes. The result is uncanny. I haven't checked back to the originals yet but I'm very happy with all the new versions for the time being.

My new sound system is worth every cent of its cost. It replaces a rather second rate amplifier and the sound even on basic stereo is significantly improved. It makes all my many disks sound great, not just surround-sound (movie and concert) DVDs. The 5.1 realization on "Love" is superb, better than any other music DVD I own, just adding greatly to the pleasure of Beatles listening. Even if you don't yet have a surround sound system, I recommend readers buy the double package for when you do.

Although a great job has been done with all the tracks, I have particularly wallowed in "Get Back," "I am the Walrus," and "Strawberry Fields Forever." And forever is as long as I will continue to love this music.

Official site of the album Love