The following article appeared on the bottom-front page of The Montreal Gazette.  The write-up was published on Tuesday, June 3, 1969

Beatle Bed-in Leaves City for Ottawa

The Great Beatle bed-in ends today.

Shortly after noon John Lennon says goodbye to the bed which has been his base of operations for the past seven days and heads for Ottawa.

There he will attend a peace conference at the University of Ottawa and perhaps make another bid to present Prime Minister Trudeau with a bag of "peace acorns" to plant.

The departure of Lennon, wife Yoko and stepdaughter Kyoko will end a hectic week of Beatle business which -- whatever its implications for world peace -- helped enliven Montreal's late-spring doldrums.

The bed-in brought a colourful mélange of celebrities, fans, crackpots and real and spurious journalists trooping into the Queen Elizabeth Hotel to pay their respects in Beatleland on the 17th floor.

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