The following is from The Montreal Gazette Here is a Canadian Press article which was published on Thursday

Here is a Canadian Press article which was published on Thursday, May 29, 1969.


Lennon ‘selling’ Peace


MONTREAL (CP) – Beatle John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono continued their “bed-in” in a downtown hotel to promote their adopted product – world peace.


In a bedside interview Wednesday, the British rock singer said he considers peace to be a saleable commodity just like soap or refrigerators.


Lennon said he is convinced people need peace and in a consumer society, people can be talked into buying things they need as well as things they do not need.


“It’s like trying to make peace commercial. You make peace into a product.”


The couple, along with Miss Ono’s five-year-old daughter Kyoko, have held court from their bed in their Queen Elizabeth Hotel suite for reporters, photographers and other onlookers ever since they arrived in Montreal from Toronto Monday night.


They want to spend a total of seven days and nights in bed here to promote world peace which they want to sell to everyone from housewives to the government, none of whom, they believe, has ever given peace a fair chance.


“It’s a campaign that will sustain until peace comes,” said Lennon. “We want to get them all indoctrinated with peace.”


Yoko meanwhile stressed that everyone must get involved if the goal is to be reached.


“It’s everyone’s responsibility,” she said. “We’re all responsible for what happens in the world.


“The Vietnam war is just a symbol of the violent atmosphere of the whole world. And the anti-war movement by itself is just a fad like fashion.”


“People have to be converted to peace,” Lennon said. “It’s all the urban squares we’ve got to convert, and all the housewives with children.”


“We have to break down the system’s propaganda machinery. The problem with hippies and yippies is that they are snobbish. They don’t want to talk to squares.”


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