Interviews of Historical Interest

This page contains links to interviews with the Beatles and their circle, and with people who encountered them. Most date from decades ago. We hope you will enjoy the perspective. Note that the dates generally indicate when the interview was published or broadcast. This web page was last updated 31 December 2018.


  • Andy Anderson - Cavern Days - 2008? Andy lives in Beckwith, Ontario
  • December 8, 2005
        25th Anniversary of the death of John Lennon
         Tony Copple on CHEZ 106, Ottawa.
    Michael Harris - CFRA 580, Ottawa - takes a call from 'Pam' who met the Lennons at the Montreal bed-in.
    Michael Harris interviews Timothy Porteous, present when John & Yoko met Pierre Trudeau.
  • The "Paul is Dead" hoax - CFNY-FM audio retrospective, hosted by Dave Marsden
             featuring John Small of WKNR, October, 1978
  • Paul & Canadian Connections - April 2002
  • Beat Brother Roy Young interview - by John Whelan, February 2002
  • Yoko Ono: Keeping the Flame Alive - by Lady Jean
  • Bill Bernstein -- an exclusive interview with Jorie B. Gracen - about Paul's recent concerts
  • Bob Wooler, of The Cavern - Goldmine, 1996
  • The Jody Denberg Ringo Starr Interview - from the AbbeyRd Beatles pages
  • Cynthia Lennon Liverpool Echo
  • Cynthia - Good Day Sunshine 1994 interview
  • Paul McCartney Wings it alone - 1982 interview

    Photo: R. Granden, copyright 2000, used with permission

    "After Mum died, I went to live with my Aunt Mimi. She's the greatest, bless her heart. We have a little house with frilly curtains at the windows, and an old apple tree in the front garden. When I'm away from home I think about Aunt Mimi and her frilly curtains and her apply tree."
    - John Lennon