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One of a Kind Beatles Lps Discovered !!!!

Earlier this year, Akim and I were quite fortunate to turn up some of the most unique items we’ve ever had the fortune to find. Direct from a former Capitol pressing plant employee, these absolute one of a kind Lps are seeing the light of day after many years tucked away.

The story goes like this. After shifts at the plant here in Canada, this employee would amuse himself by creating totally unique coloured Vinyl Lps. Using Original plates, he would add the coloured dye to the bin and create all sorts of appealing looking records. Thankfully for us all, he had access to the catalogue for THE BEATLES and wanted to do something special with them. Now, many years later, these now highly sought after items are here for us all to appreciate. Having pressed unique copies of SGT. PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND, THE BLUE ALBUM, LOVE SONGS and a totally unique Lp where he pressed one side as The Beatles REVOLVER and the other with John Lennon’s solo Lp as the PLASTIC ONO BAND. Keep reading for descriptions of the items, and check at the end for the pics.

SGT. PEPPERS is pressed on a fantastic Blue Marble Vinyl. There was an issue of this on Grey & Pink Marble Vinyl, but never like this. The colour presents beautifully and is quite striking.

Next up is the 1967-1970 Double Greatest Hits package, commonly known as the BLUE ALBUM. This was pressed using a Light Blue and White dye, and the swirling effect that it created is quite arresting. The first of the Double Vinyl set has this Blue and White Swirl, and the Second Lp is on Blue Vinyl alone.

Perhaps the most stunning looking of them all is the pressing of the LOVE SONGS Lp. Here we have a Gold Vinyl Base, with streaks of Black, Yellow, White, Light Blue. Red, Green and Pink all emanating from the center and following out to the edge. The Second Lp in this Set is on Black Vinyl.

Finally, the most unique item in the lot. Our Capitol connection got super creative one day and pressed a double sided wonder. On Side A he took the master plate for REVOLVER Side A and pressed it. On side B he then took the master plate for John Lennon’s Solo Lp PLASTIC ONO BAND Side B and pressed it. Also, the labels for the Blue Album were used instead of the labels for either Revolver or Plastic Ono Band. Finally he added the colour to the mix, this time a transparent Blue, and created something that is not remotely like any other Beatles release in the world.

Also…. to save it from being thrown out after use, this Metal Master Plate for Side A of the RUBBER SOUL Lp went home and into the vault as well. These don’t turn up very often, as they were never meant for commercial distribution, as they are not only completely oversized and made of metal, but they play backwards. Meant for the total enthusiast who wants to have a piece of pressing history.

Along with the Beatles releases, our friend at Capitol made other unique coloured Vinyl pressing by PETER APPLEYARD, 2 different items from HELEN REDDY, and a compilation featuring ANNE MURRAY. They are also unique and equally beautiful. Take a look…..

These Lps are being added to the EMI vaults along with other impossible to find Beatles items. It gives us great pleasure to know that the legacy of these items will outlive even us, and be available to generations to come to appreciate.