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Apple Records "postcard" sent out to a fan in 1972.

The private collector who made these fan club memorabilia available for the Ottawa Beatles Web Site, wishes to keep his name and residence anonymous; hence the name and street number deliberately removed from the image. However, we both thought it would be of interest to Beatle fans to see how Apple Records had used a "red Apple stamp" for post-marking their mail in 1972.

In 1970 the Beatles wrote their own greeting for "Official Beatle Fan Club" members and added their signatures to make it a more "personalized touch."

Canadian members were given the address for Ontario's fan club area secretary. As revealed in the above notice, membership of the "Official Beatles Fan Club" had reached 30,000. The collector who provided these scans joined the club during 1969.

Apple Record's official announcement about the demise of the "Beatles Official Fan Club" that was sent out to fan club members.

Another letter confirming once again, the demise of the "Official Beatles Fan Club." If you look very carefully at the bottom footer, the scan even picked up the image of the watermark from which this announcement was typed on! Also, this footer cites
J.O. Lennon and G. Harrison as "directors" for the company.

Announcement to Beatle Fan Club members presented on an official Apple Records stationary, 1971. This letter revealed that the fan club's name "Official Beatles Fan Club" was being changed to "Apple Tree."
(see next scan for details)

Post-marked letter from "Apple Tree" dated November 12, 1971. Once again, by request of the collector, the name and address were removed from the scan.

More information about "Apple Tree" as revealed from the post-marked letter dated November 12, 1971.

In spite of "Apple Tree" being created, there was yet one more "Official Beatles Fan Club" memorabilia released in 1971: "The Beatles Fan Club Book." This photograph is included in the 1971 "The Beatles Fan Club Book" which contained several other photos highlighting the progression of the band's musical career. The book did contain a discography on The Beatles (including their early solo careers) and their Apple artists. This same photograph has made an appearance in a sheet music book of Beatle songs and cover versions called: "The First Golden Beatles Album" published by Charles Hanson publications in 1965.

Here is the write-up found on the inside cover of "The Beatles Fan Club Book, 1971."

This is the back cover of the "Fan Club Book" in bright green with a smart looking logo with faces of the Beatles drawn within the circumference of a shaped "Apple." The front cover was complete in green, no drawing, with only a lower right-hand corner footer which read: "Official Beatles Fan Club, 1971."

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