Either everyone who came and saw the Rutles were either high on "tea" or Stig O'Hara, Ron Nasty and Barry Wom are very funny guys. On August 9th, 1997, the pre-fab Rutles invaded Chicago's Beatlefest (commonly known as the Rat Keller) that had set the rock music world upside-down during a "live performance" before a joyous packed audience. But before the live performance, the Rutles decided to hold a "press conference" early that evening where they caught some actual reporters and their fans by surprise with their off-beat Rutland humour.
Here then are some excerpts from some very funny answers the Rutles gave at the Chicago Beatlefest. And as Dr. Winston O'Boogie once said: "You should of been there!"

RUTLE FAN: "Is it true that Dirk has become a 'Knight of Columbus?'"
NASTY: "He has become a 'Knight in White Satin!'"

RUTLE FAN: "This question is for Barry. I understand that the Rutles broke up in 1970 (and that) you started a hairdressing business...How did that work out?"
BARRY WOM: "It went well until...well, there was a problem...there as this customer who one day went berserk with some hot rod and tongs and I, um, got severely scared mentally and physically.  Now I have a phobia about hairdressing!"
RUTLE FAN: "Who does your hair now?"
BARRY WOM: "Nobody. Can't you tell?"
RUTLE FAN: "I'm from the Maxwell House Coffee Brewers Association. How hard was it to kick 'tea' and what are the symptoms of 'tea withdrawal?' "
STIG O'HARA: "Well I can't answer that!"
RON NASTY: "I think that one of the main symptoms of tea withdrawal is that people generally...

HOST: "Generally speaking?"

RON NASTY: "Generally...[Ron searching for words] are generally less prone to give opinions and leave the bathroom in a neat and tidy state."
RUTLE FAN: "I hate to ask a difficult question...but! You have enjoyed the same level of critical acclaim since the tragic departure of Leggy Mountbatten. Have you been able to keep in contact with Leggy and what can you tell us about his present situation?"
RON NASTY: "Well, we keep tapping the table and sending him postcards and tapping the's better than UPS!"  (referring to a recent U.S. postal strike by UPS).
RUTLE FAN: "Even though Rutle Corp is no longer in business, can I still come and get money from you?"
RON NASTY (quickly replies): "We sell money!"

RUTLE FAN: "Actually, I was just downstairs in the flea market and I found an unauthorized copy of Tragical Mystery Tour on video. I was wondering if you're going to re-release that or come out with all your movies or should I purchase the unauthorized copy?"
RON NASTY: "Yeah, well if we do this new T.V. movie we're going to put out, you know, it's either going to be called The Rutles Apology or All You Need Is More Cash Part 2 -- and when it does come out, all of our available video footage will be there in an 8-pack presentation with 6 free spaces of videos for your own choices."
RUTLE FAN: "At the end of All You Need Is Cash there Ron, were you really hurt or just lazy? And how is it that you're walking now?"
RON NASTY: "When you answer the question it was bone Idleness. Bone Idleness is Eric's cousin. Idleness is an artistic streak so if there is anyone out there with artistic pretensions if you're feeling lazy, you know, uhmm, go with it because it's an artistic streak. After the end of the day I am laying on the sofa and Chasity comes up to me and says what the hell I am doing, I tell her never confuse movement with activity."

RUTLE FAN: "Audio question: Your haunting melody -- Finding your bride in the arms of a Scotsman from Hull -- will it ever be release on CD or other vinyl projects?"

BARRY WOM: "Ah, it was going to be released on VD. And then you wouldn't get any Scotsmen from Hull."

RUTLE FAN: "Well Barry, I was wondering: Did you ever get back at those Scotsmen from Hull?"

BARRY WOM: "I did, yes. I set fire to their kilts."

RON NASTY: "Something can be said about the kilt...there is no other garment more suited for diarrhea and fornication." 

BARRY WOM: "I just have to say: us Scotsmen are very very well balanced people...we've got chip on each shoulder."

Later that same evening, the Rutles performed on stage. The group Liverpool played before the Rutles and were invited after to perform with the band which they were very pleased to do!  The decor was great at the Rat Keller. It had art work of four separate full-length features of some Mersey rock stars who call themselves John, Paul, George and Ringo (bet you never heard of them, eh?) Each art piece was decorated with colorful balloons and a bright light. 
Songs played:

  1) Major Happy's Good Time Band (the group sings together)
  2) Rendevous (lead vocals by Barry Wom)
  3) Joe Public (lead vocals by Stig O'Hara)
  4) Cheese and Onions (lead vocals by Ron Nasty)
  5) I Must Be In Love (lead vocals by Ron Nasty with Stig O'Hara)
  6) Hold My Hand (lead vocals by Ron; Stig O'Hara)
  7) Shangri-La (lead vocals by Ron with help from Stig and Barry)

  --Encore!--  (well done boys!)

  8) We've Arrived (Ron on lead vocals with Stig O'Hara)

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