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3 December 2013
The GreyTones perform encore presentation of the songs from the Beatlemania album at Maxwell's Bistro on Dec 17, 2013.


On November 25, 2013, Jonesey’s 50th Anniversary Beatlemania! Show opened to a packed house at the Rainbow Bistro. This enthusiastic response has prompted a reprise of the show, with a new twist, as Jonesey’s Beatlemania Christmas Show, on December 17, 2013, at 7:30 P.M., at Maxwell’s Bistro and Club, 340 Elgin Street. This show will harken back to the annual Christmas shows the Beatles performed starting in 1963. Come join Jonesey and the GreyTones for a little Merseybeat and a whole lot of Beatlemania! to kick off the festive season.


Contact: Paul Johanis,      Jonesey bio and website:


Video from the show (8 mins)       Photos from the show

November 2013
Rare Interview: John Lennon reviews Abbey Road
John on Abbey Road, with Austalian DJ Tony McArthur, Sept 1969

25 Nov 2013, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
50th Anniversary of the release of Beatlemania!
Cebebration at The Rainbow Bistro, 78 Murray St, Ottawa by Jonesey and Friends.
On 25 November 1963 the album Beatlemania! was released in Canada, the first Beatles album in North America. To mark this momentous event, which changed rock and roll forever, Jonesey and Friends will be doing a show at the Rainbow covering the songs on the album precisely on the 50th anniversary of its release. Jonesey's Friends include some very experienced old Beatles hands and it will be a joy to bring this music to life. Free admission.
Jonesey and Friends for this show includes Ivan Matte, Henry Blaszczak, Jim Devlin, Myk Hewitt, Michel Cloutier and Paul Johanis aka Jonesey.

8 Nov 2013
Two new Beatles releases
Today, The Beatles - On Air, Live at the BBC Vol 2 is released on CD and triple vinyl set. See promo video, and there is another on the iTunes store.

There is also a second Beatles release on CD that you probably haven't heard about: "14 Songs the Fab Four never recorded," sent to us from France. These are songs written for other artists by the Beatles, and not recorded by them. Performed by Eddy Pero and the BLF Rock Band, this is a fascinating project. The Ottawa Beatle Site has reviewed the album. It can be purchased from Amazon UK and Amazon France. This is a great addition to any Beatles collection. Executive Producer: Jean-Michel Marquebielle.

October 2013
Colourization of A Hard Day's Night? - see suggestion on Articles of Historical Interest

Fri 18 - Sat 19 October 2013
Empire Beatles Weekend - 2nd Annual Beatles festival
8 bands ... 5 from the U.S. and 3 local acts
Where: Belleville, Empire Theatre
Info, tickets: Empire Beatles Weekend and Facebook

Having been some days in preparation, a splendid time is guaranteed for all, and topping the bill for Empire Beatles Weekend, Fri. October 18 & Sat. October 19 are ... your hosts from Belleville, ON - All You Need Is Love, The Newbees from Cincinnanti, OH., The English Channel from Richmond, VA., BritBeat Beatles Tribute from Chicago, IL., Peter Conrad & The Traveling Beatleburys from Columbus, OH., Big Black Smoke from Belleville, ON., The Cryers from Freehold, NJ., Ed's Garage from Belleville, ON and Rachel Blanton from Louisville, KY.

29 May 2013
Photographer Ringo to publish those shots from way back
Never-before-seen photos of the Beatles by Ringo Starr will be included in his new book, titled “Photograph. An e-book will be published June 12 in conjunction with the upcoming Grammy Museum exhibit.
See Inforum for news item.

28 May 2013
The Beatles are not for sale
Beatles biographer Hunter Davies explains why he donated the band's recording notes to the British Library.
See - as orginally published in the Daily Telegraph

March 27, 2013
How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin will hit bookstores on April 23 2013. Leslie Woodhead it was who produced the TV documentary film of the same name which was first broadcast in 2009, and now he has written the book. Leslie writes (to the OBS): "It is to be published by Bloomsbury USA on April 23. I have included thanks to the Ottawa Beatles site in the acknowledgements, and of course to Yury Pelyushonok and his book Strings for a Beatle Bass. Please let all Beatles folk know that the book is due."
Read more on Leslie Woodhead's site.    Facebook.

Saturday Dec 22, 2012
Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away opened in cinemas. This is a fantasy whirl through Cirque shows running worldwide, filmed in 3D by James Cameron using the cameras developed for Avatar. Of interest to Beatles fans is that The Beatles Love is featured strongly, with seven songs from the show in Las Vegas. Having seen that, I can say that this transported me back to The Mirage with great joy. It is an excellent permanent depiction of superb artistry married to timeless music.
Official web site

Since it is almost Christmas, we offer you special seasonal wishes, and hope you have good fortune to spend it with family.

Friday Oct 5, 2012
It was 50 years ago today ...

Today marks 50 years since the world was introduced to the music giants and the movie spy. Both have stood the test of time, but while the Bond films—the latest, ‘Skyfall,’ lands Oct. 23 (Nov. 9 in Canada) — accommodated themselves to change, the Beatles changed music forever ... “Love Me Do” was a hit not once, but three times. When first released in Britain, it rose to No. 17 on the pop charts. In the U.S. it went to No. 4, and when it was rereleased in 1964, it went to No. 1. By then the Beatles were well on their way to becoming not just an insanely popular rock-and-roll band, but a band so successful that their breakup and the subsequent deaths of John Lennon and George Harrison did little or nothing to dent their popularity. It’s a safe bet that there’s no other band so beloved by 5-year-olds and their grandparents and an awful lot of people in between. Read more from Malcolm Jones on The Daily Beast

Monday Oct 1, 2012, 7:15 pm
Remastered and rejuvenated Magical Mystery Tour
Ottawa-Gloucester's Silver City cinemas, 2385 City Park Drive, will screen a single performance of the re-released 1967 Beatles movie, with 'the making of' special features.

Magical Mystery Tour was misunderstood in its time, shown on TV in B & W, yet it contains superb relizations of some of the Beatles' most enduring tunes, such as "I am the Walrus."

See Wired promo

Tell your Ottawa-area friends about this unique event and let's get together for a great time on Monday night.



August 22, 2011






May 28, 2011


by Michael Wright for Gibson





A sizable chunk of the Beatles family will assemble in Las Vegas on June 8 to
celebrate the five-year anniversary of Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles-themed show,
Love. According to USA Today, surviving band member Paul McCartney will attend the
celebration, along with John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, George Harrison’s widow,
Olivia Harrison, Harrison’s son, Dhani Harrison, producer George Martin and his
son, Giles Martin (who co-produced the Grammy-winning Love soundtrack
with his father).

Ringo Starr is unable to attend due to tour commitments, but will send a
videotaped message to be played during a special show. Roughly half of the
audience for the special performance will be personal invitees of the Beatles
and Cirque du Soleil camps. McCartney will host a private party afterward
featuring his favorite DJ, Chris Holmes.

Since its premiere in June 2006, Love has played to packed houses
and critical acclaim. Based on its success, Cirque du Soleil launched another
popular music-based show, Viva Elvis, in 2009, and has scheduled
upcoming projects featuring the music of Elton John, Michael Jackson and Danny
Elfman over the next three years.

Cirque du Soleil Senior Vice President Jerry Nadal enthused, “Tapping into
all these different fan bases has meant a great expansion for us. For the first
year or two, we got a lot of hardcore Beatles fans who had never seen a Cirque
show. They said, ‘Wow, that's Cirque? I want to see another one.’”



April 30, 2011



McCartney’s Seminal Solo Albums Will Be Available In Multiple Configurations Featuring Remastered Rare And Unreleased Audio & Video Content With Special Exclusive Packaging.


Click here for the complete details.


The day Beatlemania hit Vancouver

by John Mackie for the Vancouver Sun (originally published on August 21, 2004)


At the height of Beatlemania, 70 million people watched the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show (see video). The band simultaneously held the top five slots in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and John, Paul, Ringo and George played Empire Stadium in Vancouver.


Sunday is the 40th anniversary of that Aug. 22, 1964 show. Jim Allan remembers it like it was yesterday -- although you could barely hear the band through the screaming of teenage girls.

"At one point the crowd started screaming and that was it," recalls Allan. "They just screamed non-stop -- there were young girls everywhere."

To read the full report, click here.



April 22, 2011

How the Beatles Changed the World

from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


The year was 1967, and the Beatles were busy changing the sound of music. The album Sergeant Pepper had just been released, and its look and sound was startlingly innovative. Even CBC Radio sat up and took notice. A journalist called Peter Gzowski decided to put together a documentary about the Beatles, which aired in May 1967. It was called "How the Beatles Changed the World."  

Click here to listen to the documentary.


Quick Beatles News Picks: George Martin: From here to eternity by The Guardian; John Lennon letter to McCartney's about Beatles split up for auction by the Telegraph; Fight on over Beatle Harrison's film 'Time Bandits" by Thomson Reuters; Companion book for George Harrison documentary coming this fall by Steve Marinucci of the Examiner; Ringo Starr to play Poland this June by Polskie Radio; McCartney Returns to South America by Pollstar; Paul McCartney's 'Up and Coming Tour' headed to Las Vegas by SoundSpike.



April 10, 2011

Ottawa's Richard Patterson: Esquire drummer signed to Capitol Records of Canada passes away

by John Whelan, special report to the Ottawa Beatles Site


Richard Patterson of the Esquires. Always sporting that Beatle haircut. 

Born in Ottawa, September 20, 1944.  Died April 3, 2011.

They called themselves The Esquires and they were from Ottawa. Formed in 1962, the band copied the musical style of Cliff Richard and the Shadows. They were managed by Sandy Gardiner and their first concert venue was held at the Rockcliffe Air Base Teen Club. In 1963, they joined the Musicians' Union. The Esquires became weekend regulars under contract at the Pineland Dance Pavilion in Ottawa.


The Esquires "attracted the attention of Montreal singer Marty Hill. They were asked to back Montreal singer Andy Kim for his performance during Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars in Montreal, where the band played on the same bill as Gene Pitney, The Dovells, Paul and Paula and The Tymes," writes Wikipedia.


In 1963, The Esquires earned the distinction of being the first Canadian pop group signed to Capitol Records of Canada


Sandy Gardiner, Ottawa Journal music columnist who had been quoted by Capitol Records Canada for the "Beatlemania - With the Beatles" LP in 1963, had developed a good relationship with Paul White (the A&R man) of Capitol Canada.  At Sandy Gardiner's urging, Paul White signed The Esquires to Capitol. "The Beatles made us so much money that it meant for the first time I was able to go out and sign Canadian acts. That was a major fringe benefit. The challenge was to get our salesmen to push the stuff. They'd say 'why do I have to go out and promote The Esquires when all I have to do is walk into Sam's and sell 500 copies of Beatlemania?' But eventually, they too saw that Canadian records could sell."1


The first two Esquire singles released by Capitol Records in 1963 were: "Atlantis / I've Lost My Little Girl" (Capitol 72176) and "Man From Adano / Gee Whiz, It's You" (Capitol 72137).  These singles featured Bob Harrington as the B-side vocalist with musicians Gary Comeau, Clint Hierlihy, Paul Huot and Richard Patterson.  Both A-sides were exciting instrumentals that sounded very much like The Shadows.


Bob Harrington was later dropped from the line-up and was replaced with Don Norman. He became the featured vocalist on the LP simply called "The Esquires" (Capitol T-6075.) Capitol Records continued to release more singles: "So Many Other Boys / Oldest Story" (Capitol 72193) circa 1964; "Cry Is All I Do / We Got A Future" (Capitol 72219) circa 1965; "Loves Made A Fool of You" / Summertime" (Capitol 72277) circa 1965. 


It was the release of "So Many Other Boys" which proved to be The Esquires biggest hit that won them the "Red Leaf Award - predecessor of the Juno - for Best Vocal And Instrumental Group in 1964" writes The Esquire Official website.


After this run of Capitol releases, the music company stopped issuing new material. This is because a legal snafu arose when Don Norman "had an acrimonious break with the Esquires in the summer of '65, leading to a lawsuit when he named his new band Don Norman and the Esquires. He gave up the Esquires name, but his departure from the band cost the original Esquires their contract with Capitol. The band he formed became Don Norman and the Other Four: Gary Comeau lead guitar, Bill Hellman bass, Ron Greene organ and Brian Dewherst on drums. With the addition of John Matthews on sax, the Other Four were five!"2  Because of contractual problems, The Esquires signed on to Columbia Records in 1965.


With the Red Leaf Award under their belt, the band changed managers. They brought on board Harvey Glatt, "Ottawa's leading Pop Concert producer and owner of the City's number one record store chain The Treble Cleff."3  But long before the change over in managers, to his credit "Sandy Gardiner had kept them busy during this time and landed them prestigious dates with some of the 1960's biggest rock and roll stars such as The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Dave Clark Five and Roy Orbison."4


When Sir Mick Jaggar skipped to loo


This writer was lucky enough to have met Richard Patterson several times in person at the Ottawa Record Conventions. Richard is a very amicable and talented drummer. He is also very funny guy! He related a story to me how his band were one of the opening acts for the Rolling Stones and how he ended up meeting Mick Jaggar at the same concert. Doing a little research, I discovered that Earl McRae had covered the exact same story in the Ottawa Sun.  Here is how it unfolded:


Richard Patterson is on the phone talking about his serendipitous honour of sharing a private pee with Sir Mick Jagger.

Sir Mick was just Mick then, and Richard was Ricky, the splendid drummer for The Esquires, the Ottawa band that opened for the Rolling Stones at the old Auditorium when they made their first appearance in the capital on Saturday, April 24, 1965 and what would be their last until this summer at the Exhibition.

"Richard, not many in life have had the privilege of a shared pee with a member of rock royalty."
"I remember it well. We opened for them and so did a group from Montreal, J.B. and The Playboys. After our numbers, I had to go to the washroom. It was between the hockey dressing rooms. They were filthy, smelly places. The Stones had their own, nobody could get near it, not even the members of the other bands. They had cops outside their door."

"Get to the pee."

"I'm in the washroom about to take a pee when the door flies open and in comes Jagger. He's only wearing pants. Bare chest, bare feet. He's bouncing around, singing, full of nervous energy. He looks in the mirror, primping himself, and he has to have a pee, too."

"So, the two of you are standing there beside each other, peeing?"

"Right. I'm looking right and he's looking left like you kinda do, and then our eyes meet."

"Was anything said?"

"He hadn't a clue who I was, but I guess he figured I had something to do with the show otherwise I wouldn't be in the washroom, so he muttered 'Hyu, mite, huhyadyne'."

"What the hell's that?"

"I think it was Cockeynish for 'Hi, mate, how are you doing?' But, that was it. We stood there peeing, no conversation, and then he finished and left."

Richard Patterson did not remove the urinal for his historical archive.5


You can see what I mean by Richard's sense of humour.


Coming back to Columbia Records, in 1966 The Esquires issued two singles on the Columbia label: "It's A Dirty Shame / Devoted to You" and "Love Hides A Multitude Of Sins / Why Should I Care?"  The Esquires failing to make any further in-roads in the music industry disbanded in 1967. Richard Patterson joined The Children (a folk-rock group) for a brief spell and then with Three's A Crowd which comprised of Bruce Cockburn, David Wiffen, Dennis Pendrith and Colleen Peterson.  Esquire band members continued "their musical career in such bands as The Staccatos (later reformed as The Five Man Electrical Band), The Townsmen, The Modern Rock Quartet, Canada Goose, and James Leroy and Denim" writes Wikipedia website on The Esquires.


Richard Patterson of the Canada Goose performs for President Richard Nixon


Canada Goose was a band comprised of Gary Comeau, Barb Bullard, Paul Huot, Wayne Leslie, Richard Patterson and Val Tuck. A photo of them from my scrapbook makes them dawn the look of hippies from the early 70's with frilly suede jackets and long bell bottom pants. How it came that Canada Goose got to play for President Richard Nixon is an interesting one.  Here is how it was revealed in an Ottawa Citizen article:


The "Canadian Geese"  ̶  as President Nixon calls them - have taken wing.


The four guys and two girls who call themselves Canada Goose have begun making a name for themselves far beyond the boundaries of Ottawa.


Nixon thing is just one example of this.


Canada Goose was heard by an aide to the United States president and as a result played for Mr. Nixon and other officials of state a couple of weekends ago in Burlington, Vt. They went over big with the president and staff  ̶  despite the minor faux pas over the name.6


The report went on to say that the group is in demand both in Ottawa and out of town and the groups first single "Higher and Higher" was selling well.  Richard Patterson described their style of music as "country-folk-rock" doing excellent cover versions of "Carry On" and "4 and 20" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  The Canada Goose "got together as the New Esquires and attracted a lot of fans to the Beacon Arms Hotel. They went over so strong at the hotel in October 1969, that they became the "house band" and can often be found there whenever they are in Ottawa."7  In the same write-up, Canada Goose "hope to experiment with numerous ideas including some organ, acoustic guitar, and perhaps some violin and brass."


Richard Patterson was always concerned about the historical accuracy of The Esquires and their musical legacy to the Canadian music industry, hence his grand wisdom in convincing Capitol Records of Canada to re-issue the Esquires LP in 2001 which contained an excellent write up about the band from a book called "Fifty Years of Music: The Story of EMI Music Canada" (published by Macmillan Canada, an imprint of CDG Books Canada, and written by Nick Jennings.) He was not only concerned about his own historical accuracy for music, but for other groups as well. Upon Richard Patterson's passing, Piers Alexander Hemmingsen of the Capitol 6000 website had this to say:  "Richard Patterson died in Ottawa this week after a lengthy illness. He will be missed by all those who knew him. Not just for the fact that he was an excellent drummer in the "pre-Beatles" era with The Esquires and later with Threes A Crowd and Canada Goose ... but over the years, Richard was very helpful with the background research for the two Beatles Canadian Discography books, I interviewed him several times for those and he provided such wonderful stories. We will miss his sense of humour and candour, along with his little drawings. My own memories of Richard go back to the 1960s when I used to see him "hanging out" at The Treble Clef record shop on Sparks Street in Ottawa."9


Throughout his life, Richard Patterson kept a steady hand in the Ottawa music scene. Sadly, he will be missed. 


Postscript: EMI will release a new CD of the Esquires singles and other material on May 31.*


On Sunday, April 17th at 8:00 p.m. on CKCU-FM, "The Sixties" radio host Dave Sampson will present a musical tribute on Richard Patterson featuring The Esquires, The Children, Three's A Crowd and Canada Goose.  Some rare unreleased sides will also be featured.


If you miss the show, it will be archived later in the week by clicking on this link.




1.  "Fifty Years of Music: The Story of EMI Music Canada" (published by Macmillan Canada, an imprint of CDG Books Canada, and written by Nick Jennings. Comments appeared on the liner notes that accompanied Capitol Records re-issue of The Esquires, 2001.

2.  Don Norman and the Other Four by Chas Kit, September 10, 2007, at the Garagehangover website.

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Other website: Wikipedia on The Esquires.


News Link:


"Drummer remembered as 'very important' part of Ottawa's music scene" from the Ottawa Citizen, April 5, 2011.

* His whole life was entertainment by Ken Rockburn, the Ottawa Citizen, April 10, 2011.



March 26, 2011

Replay the Beatles will perform at the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa


Tour dates:


April 15 - Salle Jean Grimaldi (JPGR).  Click here for details.


April 23 - St-Eustache.  Click here for details.


April 30 - Rialto (JPGR).  Click here for details.


May 13 - The Canadian Tulip Festival Ottawa (JPGR).  Click here for details.


May 18 - Victoria Hall, Westmount.  Tickets and info, click here.



March 25, 2011

Bruce Spizer to release new book: Beatles For Sale on Parlophone Records

Beatles News Exclusive
by Dave Haber, Beatles News Editor


Bruce Spizer has provided with an update of his forthcoming book Beatles For Sale on Parlophone Records. As previously reported, the book is 444 pages and covers all of the singles, albums and extended play discs issued by the Beatles in the U.K. from 1962 through 1970. The book was compiled by Bruce Spizer and Frank Daniels, with Mr. Spizer writing the text. It has over 700 images, all in either full color or original black & white.


The book is now undergoing final pre-press in Hong Kong by Bright Arts and will be ready for printing next month. The book's official publication date is October 5, 2011, which is the 49th anniversary of the Beatles first single, "Love Me Do," on Parlophone 45-R 4949.


To read the full report, click here.


Link to Bruce Spizer website, click here.










Campaigners fail to save Ringo Starr's birthplace



Campaigners in Ringo Starr's hometown have failed in their bid to preserve the Beatles drummer's birthplace, with local authorities pressing ahead with plans to demolish the house where he was born.


The musician's former family home in Liverpool, England has been under threat of demolition since 2005 as local councilors made plans to rejuvenate the area.


Fans have been fighting to save the property at 9 Madryn Street and have it turned into a local landmark, but after years of campaigning they have lost the battle with the council.  (to read the full report, click here.)



March 19, 2011

Ringo Starr to tour the UK


June 2011...

17 London Hampton Court Palace
18 Liverpool Empire
20 Birmingham Symphony Hall
22 Manchester Opera House
23 Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
24 Bournemouth International Centre


Story to tour announcement, click here.


3D 'Yellow Submarine' sunk by spiraling costs

by Guy Adams in Los Angeles for the Independent

Fans of The Beatles are no longer packing their bags for a return journey beneath the waves to the land of submarines: Disney has announced that it intends to scrap an eagerly awaited 3D remake of the cult 1968 film Yellow Submarine.


An updated version of the psychedelic cartoon, made using performance-capture technology by the Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis, was due to be released during a wave of Anglophilia which is expected to sweep the globe prior to the 2012 London Olympics.


But the project has foundered amid concerns about its spiralling budget and difficulty in securing the permission of the surviving Beatles and their heirs to use 16 of the band's songs, including "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "All You Need is Love", on the soundtrack.


A final nail in its coffin came at the weekend, when the movie Mars Needs Moms, another 3D motion-capture film by Zemeckis, opened to just $7m (£4.4m) at the box office. The film had cost between $175m and $210m to make and market, according to industry estimates. Submarine's demise was confirmed late on Monday.


The failure of Mars Needs Moms is evidence of a growing backlash against 3D movies. Zemeckis, the director of Back to the Future and Forrest Gump, has some soul-searching to do. A decade ago, he abandoned a hugely successful career in live-action film-making to devote his energy to performance-capture films. But the style has recently failed to resonate with audiences.

February 27, 2011

Quick Beatle News Picks


Beatles Monument in Siberia (from the Voice of Russia news services); Remembering George Harrison on His Birthday (from BeatCrave); Paul McCartney writing his first ballet score for New York City Ballet (from AHN All Headline News); Roll over Tango, Beatles museum hits Argentina (from AFP news service).


February 19, 2011

Kemptville Ontario folk artists will host a musical birthday tribute to George Harrison 


On Friday Feb 25th, a George Harrison birthday tribute will be hosted by Ben Mullin and Chef Bruce featuring Ray Harris, Greg Kelly, Lisa Poushinsky, David Boschaart, Jon Laurie-Beaumont, Dave Scully, David Shanahan, Doug Hendry, Katie Nolan, Shawn Yakimovitch, and Christo Graham...7:30pm, no cover...dinner reservations recommended.


Venue: The Branch Organic Restaurant, 15 Clothier St.E., Kemptville,  



February 13, 2011

The Beatles' Stereo Box Set + Paul McCartney each win Grammy Awards


The Beatles' Stereo Box Set Wins GRAMMY Award - 16CD+DVD Collection of Band's Remastered Studio Albums Earns Historical Album Award for its Producers and Engineers

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- At today's 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards, The Beatles' acclaimed stereo box set won the GRAMMY for Best Historical Album (Jeff Jones and Allan Rouse, compilation producers; Guy Massey, Steve Rooke, Sam Okell, Paul Hicks, and Sean Magee, remastering engineers).

The September 2009 CD release of The Beatles' remastered original albums and new boxed collections in stereo and mono was one of the year's top entertainment events, breaking chart records around the world. The Beatles' original UK studio albums were remastered by this dedicated team of engineers at EMI's Abbey Road Studios in London over a four year period, carefully maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the original analogue recordings. The result is the highest fidelity the catalogue has seen since its original release.

(Reuters) - Former Beatle Paul McCartney won his first solo Grammy in 39 years on Sunday for a live recording of "Helter Skelter."


McCartney took home the solo rock vocal performance statuette for the 42-year-old Beatles tune, which he dusted off for his 2009 live album "Good Evening New York City."


It marked his 14th Grammy, of which 10 were Beatle-related, spanning 1965 to a reissue project in 1997.


As a solo artist, he last won a Grammy in 1972 for his arrangement of "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey." He followed that with a pair for Wings, his post-Beatles vehicle, in 1975 and 1980.


McCartney, 68, frequently lands Grammy nominations -- 11 since 2005 alone -- but has been bested by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Amy Winehouse and Justin Timberlake.


The 53rd annual Grammy Awards were handed out at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

January 26, 2011

Canadian singer is the first Liverpool Beatles graduate

by the BBC News service  


A Canadian singer has become the first person in the world to graduate with a Masters degree in The Beatles.


Former Miss Canada finalist Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy signed up for the course at Liverpool Hope University when it launched in March 2009.


The 53-year-old, who has recorded three albums, was the first to graduate of the 12 full-time students who joined the Master of Arts course.


She said: "I am so proud of my achievement."


"The course was challenging, enjoyable and it provided a great insight into the impact The Beatles had and still have to this day across all aspects of life," she added.


"The faculty and students at Liverpool Hope University were crucial in providing an unforgettable experience and their support was invaluable."


As well as examining the studio sound and composition of The Beatles' back catalogue, the course looks at how the city of Liverpool helped to shape their music.


Award Nomination


The significance of their music and how it helped to define identities, culture and society is also examined.


Mike Brocken, founder and leader of the Beatles MA course, said: "This programme is the only postgraduate degree programme in the world of its kind.


"Mary-Lu now joins an internationally recognised group of scholars of Popular Music Studies who are able to offer fresh and thought-provoking insights into the discipline of musicology."


Ms Zahalan-Kennedy is a professional singer and actress who was nominated for a Juno award for Most Promising Female Vocalist in Canada in 1983.


Audio interview: click here.

January 14, 2011

John Lennon's Rolls-Royce is now in the lobby of the Royal British Columbia Museum until June 2011

Plus new information with videos concerning the history of the car as presented by Dr. Lorne Hammond, Curator of History for the Royal British Columbia Museum. His findings have been updated on our special feature regarding car.

Click here to view the update at the bottom of the page.

January 3, 2011
Lennon's Abbey Road suit gets $46K at US action
by the CBC News

A John Lennon fan started the New Year off with a deal, snagging at a Connecticut auction an iconic outfit worn by the slain Beatle: the white, custom-made, two-piece suit from the Abbey Road album cover.

An anonymous bidder successfully bought the tailored, wool-blend, Ted Lapidus suit — famously worn by Lennon as he led his Beatles bandmates across the zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios in 1969 — for $46,000 US at Braswell Galleries' annual New Year's Day auction on Saturday.


The new owner, who entered the winning bid online, triumphed amid a standing-room-only crowd. (read more)

January 1, 2011
Twist and Shout! Beatles music influences Ottawa poet

The baby-boomers who grew up in the 1960's and early 1970's were treated to the most creative period in music, art and in literature. The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 quickly became the lightning-rod for that creative explosion. Just about every musical artist or poet will tell you that their own work was influenced in one way or another from listening to the Beatles music. It is a testimony that even today the Beatles musical catalogue continues to influence a wide variety of artists which is why their legacy will always be a lasting one in the annals of popular music.

Their creative outpouring inspired a would-be (hopeful) poet, honing his craft as it were when he was a teenager. For me, rock and roll music, dancing and writing poetry were things that I enjoyed best. It was never about the drugs because I never did them back then and even today I am still strongly against LSD and Pot, etc.  I had long hair, the clean Beatle hair-cut that somewhat gave me the George Harrison look from "A Hard Day's Night."

As a teenager I discovered that I could write lyrics and serious poetry. Presented below are some poems that I wrote back then and yes, of all things some of them even got published!

"The Gentle Breeze" was inspired by the Lennon-McCartney classic: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."  I was always impressed with the imagery of the Beatles song and so I thought I would have a go and create a visualization or a painting with words in the style of "Lucy." It was published first in my high school year-book and then later in a newspaper.

"Two Steps" was inspired by George Harrison's tuneful "Beware of Darkness" from his album "All Things Must Pass." While admittedly "Two Steps" has a dark element to its writing, it was composed at a time when I was in the middle of or just coming out of the passing of my father. I believe that the lyrics are an honest reflection of the numerous insecurities that everyone goes through during their lifetime. "Beware of Darkness" had such a major impact around the general themes of "Two Steps."

"Credit Card Love" was inspired from two sources: "Drive My Car" by the Beatles where you hear the lyrical refrain of "...but you can do something in between..." became a bit of a hook that I needed for my own poem. The second source of influence came from a tongue-and-cheek song called "Carbon Paper" by Abe Burrows. Using also the Beatles own template of tongue-and-cheek humor as in "I'm Down" where Paul cleverly belts out: "We're all alone and their is nobody else, you still moan keep your hands to yourself!", I created "Credit Card Love". It's all about being against female prostitution and gold diggers. 

I hope you enjoy a journey into my past....

John Whelan
Ottawa Beatles Site

The Gentle Breeze
by John Whelan

The Gentle Breeze,
That comes from the Seven Seas,
Are changing tides,
That keep making up the season.
And the water rides,
Up to the shore without reason.

So fresh and clear,
Sheds from the sky a rain tear,
As rain then blows,
Into the depths of the ocean.
And the water flows,
Gently without a single notion.

The sun has risen,
Shining like a colourful prism,
In spectral blazé,
Casting over a snow-top mountain.
And reflections play,
In a river that flows like a fountain.

First published: Laureate '73 High School Year Book, Laurentian High School, Ottawa, Ontario

Second publication: Kemptville Advance, Kemptville, Ontario, Wednesday, October 17, 1973.

All poems were officially copyrighted at the Canadian Consumer and Corporate Affairs Copyright Office under the literary title called "Mirrors of a Rogue" on November 2, 1976. Serial number 271956, Register 168. All rights reserved. Please contact the Ottawa Beatles Site for further details if required.

  Two Steps
by John Whelan

He's just one step from the ridge.
Two Steps and he's falling over the bridge.
A man sickened with anguish,
Darkness of his mind with sin -
And destined never to vanish.

Two Steps;
He goes onto his exodus.
Two Steps;
His life disappears into dust.

He's just one step from his hopes.
Two Steps and he's hanging from the ropes.
A mans troubles are cynical,
Sickness of his soul and limb -
And assured never too trivial.

Two Steps;
He goes onto his exodus.
Two Steps;
His life disappears into dust.

He's just one step from the rift.
Two Steps and he's jumping over the cliff.
A man deprived and forsakened,
Sadness in his life so grim -
That his own life he has taken.

First published: Kemptville Advance, Kemptville, Ontario, November 21, 1973.

  Credit Card Love
by John Whelan

I always thought that love was a gig -
Thought love in a credit of name was too big.

Sorry - That's why I never buy love on credit -
Could not when I know that I would regret it -
When I could not pay back my debit.

I could not afford or find time to enjoy your sex -
When love is sold credit and stamped on Chargex.
'Cos love goes up and down like a ticker-tape machine -
Credit cards that are stamped in between.

Credit Card Love -
These things I can't afford.
Credit Card Love -
These things I have ignored.

I always thought that love was a drag -
Thought that all love had to have a price tag.

Sorry - That's why I would never not buy love -
That's why I would never not try love-
That's why I would never not get high love.

I could not afford or find time for me to relax -
When I know that love is not a deductable tax.
'Cos that's why I had always thought love was so green -
Wallet backs with paper in between.

First published: Kemptville Advance, Kemptville, Ontario, November 28, 1973.