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Click here to read a review of the new CD by Ottawa Beatle Site researcher John Whelan.


Click here to read a review of the new album by Ottawa Beatle Site researcher John Whelan.


It was 40 years ago today

1 June 1967

Sgt. Pepper was first heard in North America at Expo 67, and broadcast on CBC radio's C'est la vie. Visit John Whelan's Expo 67 site.


"Punk Opera: CheLennon" by The Oz.


This full-length experimental "punk opera" project includes 13 unique post-punk  versions of John Lennon revolutionary and rare songs mixed with 6 reprises of politically intense interviews with him. This brilliant work was created by The OZ -- a post-punk group located in the very heart of the true underground of St. Petersburg -- Russia's cultural and revolutionary capitol!


Click here to read a review of the new CD by Ottawa Beatle Site researcher John Whelan.



Remembering Sgt. Pepper's

Lonely Hearts Club Band album with the Analogues


Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp "Isolation"

Official Lyric Video


Jeff Beck, one of music’s great collaborators, has once-again found an unexpected co-conspirator in Johnny Depp. The musical soulmates have released their first single as a duo, a re-imagining of John Lennon’s classic track “Isolation” on April 16, 2020. For the official press release, please read the Ottawa Beatles Site news page entry.



George Harrison's

"Art of Dying" from All Things Must Pass album


Ringo Starr + Robbie Robertson + world musicians perform "The Weight"

Playing For Change embraces musicians from across 5 continents and salutes The Band's 50th anniversary of this song with this sparkling new cover version.

Paul McCartney Rocked
Vancouver, Canada!

Featurette: Paul and Ringo at the Ed Sullivan Theatre

(after 50 years)

Featurette: The history of Capitol Records in Los Angeles 

by Tony Copple and John Whelan


"Created in the belief
that the Beatles were more than a great band;
they generated an atmosphere for good
throughout the world,
uniting people in many cultures,
and through their timeless music
and the optimistic subjects of their songs,
continue to inspire new generations."


Let It Be...Naked - album review


You Say You Want A Velvet Revolution? John Lennon and the Fall of the Soviet Union

A Harvard University "Grad Paper" by Dave LaFontana

 John and Yoko meet Prime Minister Trudeau


Strings for a Beatle Bass

by Yury Pelyushonok


Le Dain Commission of Inquiry
John Lennon's drug testimony


Beat brother Roy Young Interview


Ottawa Beatles Convention 1995
Twist and Shout behind the Iron Curtain: the birth of an idea

for a book by event organizer Alan Chrisman


15 photographs of John & Yoko's visit to Ottawa,
June 3, 1969

Photo: Annmarie Wilhelm Click the car for its story
The Beatles are appreciated all over the world. We welcomed visitors from far and near at the second Ottawa Beatles Convention in 1996 at the Ottawa Museum of Science and Technology, where John Lennon's psychedelic Rolls Royce was on display.

"You can't do that"
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courtesy of
Bryan Anthony