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March 25, 2019

John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 'Bed-In' remembered at 50


Toby Sterling from Reuters news on John and Yoko's Amsterdam Bed-In for peace. Click here for the report.


The Beatles & Muhammad Ali: The Story Behind the Iconic Photos of Their 1964 Meeting


Brad Writter for A&E's "Biography" does a historical write-up with photographs of the Beatles February 14, 1964 meeting with boxer Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali). Click here for the report.



March 24, 2019

Happy 70th birthday to the 7-inch vinyl  


Alan Cross for Global News in Canada writes a very interesting historical accounting about 7-inch vinyl and why it stood the test of time. Click here for the report.


March 22, 2019

Legendary folk singer Shawn Phillips gave George Harrison his first two sitar lessons


Being a fan of Shawn Phillips music, I came across an interesting video where he is playing and discussing his music career. A couple of facts were revealed from Shawn: He played the sitar and bowed guitar on Donovan's song "Sunshine Superman." It became "the quintessential bright summer sing along" of 1966. 


In the same video, Shawn talks about how the sitar is played and the fact that he gave George Harrison his first two sitar lessons. The reveal of this conversation starts at the 6:50 mark of the video. Just click on the video and it will start to play from that point.




March 16, 2019

How John Lennon's Rolls-Royce Phantom V became a controversial custom classic

A Rolls-Royce fit for a Beatle, if not for the Sixties establishment


An entertaining article by Chris Rowlands with photographs of the car for GQ magazine.



March 15, 2019

Encouraging to see a whole new generation of youth embracing the Beatles Music





March 13, 2019

Rare Beatles demo worth £15,000 ($20,000) given to charity shop for free (retrieved from Vinyl Factory Limited)


A super rare 7″ of The Beatles’ ‘Love Me Do’ was unwittingly handed to a charity shop in West Sussex, who have now put the record up for auction on eBay.


One of around 25 records donated to the British Heart Foundation in the small town of Midhurst by the mystery individual, the record is thought to be one of just 250 copies that were pressed by Parlophone and sent to the BBC for radio play in 1962.


It carries the words ‘Demonstration Record’ and ‘Not For Sale’ on the centre label, where Paul McCartney’s name is also famously misspelled, credited on the track as ‘Lennon–McArtney’.


Having been unable to locate the owner, the British Heart Foundation have put the record up for sale on eBay, where, at time of writing, it is going for £5,500. A mint edition of the sought after 45 sold for close to £15,000 in 2017.



March 6, 2019

How Harry Nilsson Made the Beatles' Catalog Into His Own Russian Doll, Creating Rock's First Great Mashup


"Exquisitely arranged by virtue of Nilsson's melodic and vocal brilliance, his 1967 recording of "You Can't Do That" isn't the straight cover song that the title suggests, but rather squeezes somewhere between 15 and 20 already-classic Beatles songs into a single, melodic consumable whole, while somehow clocking in at less than two and half minutes. More than a medley and well beyond a megamix, this customized counterpoint homage must be considered the first great original mashup," writes Mitch Meyers for Variety. For the full article, click here




March 2, 2019

New Beatles book "And In The End: The Last Days Of The Beatles" by Ken McNab


"Lennon's heroin habit. A hare-brain plan to play on an ocean liner. And a road trip from hell with Yoko. A new book about The Beatles' final days reveals the REAL reasons they split up."


"And In The End: The Last Days Of The Beatles" is published by Polygon on March 20, 2019. Click here for excerpts from the book.

The first public gig by John Lennon and Yoko Ono is being celebrated 50 years after it took place (retrieved from the BBC News)


Ono was booked as part of a jazz performance at Cambridge University's Lady Mitchell Hall on 2 March 1969 and Lennon came along as "her band".


A plaque which reads "Yoko Ono John Lennon Cambridge 1969" has been unveiled in the hall to mark the event.


It comes ahead of a six-month exhibition of Ono's work showing at a number of venues in the city.


The couple's appearance as part of an experimental jazz concert elicited just a few lines in the local and student press at the time, where it was reported that Lennon sat with his back to the small audience for much of the 26-minute set.

Ono on vocals began with a "fearsome siren note" and ended the performance with "a long series of screams".


"Lennon was squatting at her feet, back to the audience, holding, shaking, swinging electronic guitars right up against a large speaker," the Cambridge News reported at the time.


Speaking to the BBC in 1980 about the Cambridge concert, Lennon said: "The audience were very weird, because they were all these sort of intellectual artsy-fartsies from Cambridge."


However, he added: "They were totally solid."


Gabriella Daris, an art historian and curator of the forthcoming Ono exhibition which will be on show from June, said: "There's very little to commemorate this other than a press report, word of mouth and the actual recording."


The commemorative plaque was unveiled on the 50th anniversary of the Ono/Lennon gig as their set from the time - called Cambridge 1969 - was played at full blast in the hall's foyer.


It was given as a gift to Cambridge University by Ms Daris.


"The Cambridge concert was the first time ever that Ono and Lennon performed in public in the world," she said.


The exhibition, called "Yoko Ono: Looking For….", will feature more than 90 early, recent and new works by Ono and will run at various venues across the city until the end of the year.



March 1, 2019
The Beatles, "Yer Blues" from the White Album (1968): Deep Beatles


Pop reporter Kit O'Toole carefully examines how John Lennon recorded one of the most introspective songs from the Beatles canon: "Yer Blues" from The White Album.  Click here for her excellent write-up.


Decca to re-open lost recording studio in London for 90th Anniversary (the following article is from South Wales Argus)


Record label Decca will celebrate its 90th anniversary by re-opening its lost London recording studio and releasing a series of rare David Bowie videos.


The label, which has been home to musicians including Dame Vera Lynn, Bing Crosby, The Rolling Stones and Bowie, was founded in 1929.


It will mark its landmark birthday by opening its old West Hampstead studio, the site where The Beatles unsuccessfully auditioned for the label, in July for one-off performances and exhibitions.


The space is now a rehearsal location for the English National Opera.


Clips of Bowie will also be restored to mark the anniversary while the first Friday of every month for the rest of the year will see the label reissue physical and digital releases that are seen to embrace its spirit.


It has already been announced that Ron Howard will direct a feature length documentary about Decca star Luciano Pavarotti and there will also be a lavishly illustrated book detailing the label’s history, entitled The Supreme Record Company: The Story Of Decca Records 1929-2019.


The anniversary will also be marked with two programmes on BBC Radio 2 that chart 20 of the label’s most famous recordings and a one-day event at London’s V&A museum on May 5.


Rebecca Allen, president of the label, said: “Decca Records has been the soundtrack to many historical and cultural moments, a truly unique brand with a truly unique identity.


“Even now, as we celebrate our 90th anniversary, we continue to push the boundaries; to seek out artists who are distinctive, who stand out from the crowd, artists that will continue to define our label for the next nine decades.”




February 26, 2019
Ringo Starr and Santana will play Woodstock Festival


"A Season of Song and Celebration will take place Aug. 15-18 at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, which is located at the site of the original festival....Bethel Woods has announced that its event will be headline by Ringo Starr and Santana. Other acts scheduled to perform so far include the Doobie Brothers and Edgar Winter Band," writes Kate Streit for simplemost.

February 24, 2019
Beat Brother Roy Young plays his Beatles tribute in a beautiful pop song

Although Roy Young is no longer with us, Roy recorded some original material for his album called "Now and Then." The album is like a diamond in the rough that also showcased some old rock and roll standards that featured his remarkable boogie-woogie piano playing. With a copy of "Now and Then" given to Ottawa Beatles Site proprietor Tony Copple, it became part of the centerpiece for an exclusive interview we did with Roy. During that interview it becomes apparent his true affection for the Beatles. He paid a special tribute to John Lennon in a ballad called "Beautiful Man" and he put his Beatle memories together in a song called "Now and Then."

We hope you will enjoy his doo-wop approach to "Now and Then."

February 21, 2019
Beatles 'White Album' Certified 24x Platinum

"More than 50 years after its 1968 release, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has announced that The BEATLES has now been certified 24x Platinum, earning the spot as the fourth top-certified album of all time....The White Album now trails only Eagles - Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 (38 million), Michael Jackson's Thriller (33 million) and Eagles Hotel California (26 million). It's just ahead of other classic rock albums: Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Volume I and Volume II (23 million), Led Zeppelin IV (23 million), Pink Floyd's The Wall (23 million) and AC/DC's Back in Black (22 million)."  - Source: Best Classic Bands

February 11, 2019
Meet Brian Epstein, the Man Who Discovered The Beatles

"Brian Epstein took The Beatles from underground Liverpool clubs to being the biggest musical act in the world," writes Colin Bertram for A&E Television Networks "Biography."

February 8, 2019
Great video interview with Ringo Starr

Click here for "The First Time: Ringo Starr" by RollingStone reporter Angie Martoccio.

February 7, 2019
How Peter Jackson's new version of 'Let It Be' will shatter your view of The Beatles

An article from New Music Express that hints of the unseen material from the Let It Be movie sessions that might be used for the new documentary movie to be completed in about a years time. Click on this active link to read the report.

February 6, 2019
Ouch!!! That's gotta hurt Paul!

Paul McCartney bumps his Hofner bass into the ceiling - backstage 2009

January 28, 2019
What Makes Ringo a Great Drummer - Tribute by Sina

January 25, 2019
Paul McCartney to rock in Vancouver this coming summer!

What will be the only Canadian concert this year by Sir Paul McCartney, the legendary rocker will perform at BC Place in Vancouver as part of his Freshen Up tour. Here are the quick details from the media announcement:

When: July 6, 2019

Time: 8 pm

Where: BC Place

January 13, 2019
Flashback to John and Yoko on Tuesday, December 23, 1969

A photo discovery from the internet reveals John Lennon and Yoko Ono chatting it up with John Munro, Minister of Health and Welfare and who introduced the study on the "Le Dain Commission of Inquiry Into the Non-Medical Use of Drugs."

January 11, 2019
Inside John Lennon's 'Imagine' with Klaus Voorman, Jim Keltner and Joey Molland

A very interesting reveal here from the key musicians who recorded on John Lennon's '"Imagine" album. The article is written by pop reporter Ken Sharp for Rock Classic. Click here for the interview.

January 10, 2019
Paul McCartney's "Bruce McMouse Show" Film Heading To Theaters

"Never-before-seen project blends Wings concert footage with story of animated mouse family" writes Jon Blistein for You can read the full article by clicking on this link.

November 28, 2018
50 years ago Cornwall brought the Beatles White Album to Canada

A report by Todd Hambleton of the Cornwall Standard Freeholder explains how 200,000 copies of the White Album were distributed across Canada in just six months. Hambleton report is based on expert testimony from Piers Hemmingsen at the Care Centre in Cornwall. Click on this link to read the article.

See also: "Yesterday...Cornwall learned more about the Beatles" by Shawna O'Neill of the Seaway News. 

November 27, 2018
Beatle expert Piers Hemmingsen to discuss on how the White Album was distributed in Canada through RCA and Compo Records

Venue Date: November 27, 2018
Location: Cornwall, Ontario
Venue: Care Centre, 510 Second St. East
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

For further information: "Beatles expert visiting Cornwall, speaking at Care Centre" by Todd Hambleton for the Standard-Freeholder. 

November 24, 2018
John Lennon's "Revolution 9" proves to be the most experimental song from the entire Beatles canon!

From Billboard: "In Defence of 'Revolution 9' at 50: Why the Beatles' Most Daring Track Is Still Underrated"

November 22, 2018
Dissecting John Lennon's "Yer Blues"

A fascinating report on "Yer Blues" that would become the template for "John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band" that was released in 1970. The write-up is done by Colin Fleming of the Daily Beast: "The Beatles's 'Yer Blues': How John Lennon's Trolling of Eric Clapton Birthed a Rock-and-Roll Classic. 

November 18, 2018
OBS Quick News Picks

From Forbes: "Untold Beatle Stories Emerge as White Album climbs charts" by Mark Beech 

From Ultimate Classic Rock: "Ringo Starr Glad To Be Heard Better On Beatles's White Album Re-issue" by Martin Kielty 

From Best Classic Bands:  "The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ 50th Reissue is #1-Seller" - "
That didn’t take long. One day after the November 9 release of the eagerly awaited 50th Anniversary expanded editions of The BEATLES (White Album), via Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/UMe, the 7-disc Super Deluxe edition vaulted to the #1 spot on Amazon in the U.S.

In addition, the modestly priced 3-CD edition was at #1 in the U.K. and #3 in the U.S. A 4-LP edition was at #11 in the U.S."
From Best Classic Bands: "Ringo Starr Announces 2019 Tour, New Book" (Ringo's tour dates are included in the article)

Running Time: 2:16
● Record Date: March 1990
● Record Location: Rumbo Recorders, Canoga Park, California, USA
● Written By: John Lennon & Paul McCartney
● Produced By: Jeff Lynne
● Engineered By: Unknown
● Performed By: Ringo Starr (vocals, drums), Jeff Lynne (electric guitar, backing vocals), Tom Petty (bass, backing vocals),
Jim Keltner (woodblock) and Joe Walsh (lead guitar), other artists and instruments unknown

November 12, 2018
The Beatles White Album Media Reviews courtesy of "The Beatles" on Facebook

November 9, 2018
The Beatles White Album Super Deluxe Has It All In Spades

Beatle fans will have the opportunity to hear the best treasure trove of the Beatles White Album and Esher Demos which is available in music stores. Please read Ultimate Classic Rock review of the White Album Super Deluxe release.

October 31, 2018
OBS Quick News Picks

From Billboard: "Paul McCartney Advocates for 'Sensible Gun Control Laws' Ahead of Midterm Elections"

From Japan Today: "Paul McCartney arrives in Japan for four concerts"

From CGTN: "Don't let me down: Japan superfans lose fight for Beatles footage"

From Public Radio International (with audio): "Klaus Voormann's long history with The Beatles"

October 29, 2018
Ringo Starr's limited deluxe edition photo book "Another Day In The Life" sells out quickly!

"Another Day In The Life" is Ringo Starr's third book and is published by Genesis Publications. The first 350 copies of the Deluxe edtion (see above photo) is signed by Ringo. The Collector edition is also signed by Ringo and is specially numbered from 351 to 2,000.
"I love taking photos of random things, and seeing how they all fit together," said Ringo. "Whether it is at home or on the road, certain things catch my eye and when I see something that interests me, that's the emotion of it, and I want to capture it. I am a photographer as well as a musician. I love working with Genesis and had so much fun putting together this collection of images: photos taken by me and a few picked up along the way. I hope you enjoy it too."

For more information, click here.

The Studio Version of "Revolution 9" done classical by "Alarm Will Sound"

Have a listen Beatle fans...could you ever imagine a classical cover version of Revolution 9? Well here it is!  

October 26, 2018
New Pinball Game May Be Most Expensive Ever

News article from

An limited edition of an official Beatles pinball machine is for sale on the Beatles Store and it may be the most expensive pinball machines of all time.

Pinball manufacturer Stern was at the Pinball Expo 2018 in Chicago this past weekend, but didn't unveil a new machine, according to geek-tastic gamer website What the company did do, however, was quietly drop the Beatles pinball machine online a few days later.

"As you can see from the video below, this game has been designed with a classic look and feel to it, following a similar pattern used in games before they had ramps, toys and other fancy things," ArcadeHeroes writes. "Thanks to Sean M. for pointing out that this is a re-skin & update of Stern's 1980 release Seawitch. It features four flippers, a playfield spinning disc with a magnet, eleven drop targets, the full color LCD screen and a classic bell sound for a vertical spinner.

Stern is apparently only making 1964 units, using musical terminology like the Gold, Platinum and Diamonds Editions.

Pricing is unknown but "I received a couple of messages from different people 'in the know' suggesting that the Diamond Edition could be the most expensive pinball machine of all time, with the Gold Edition falling into a pricing category similar to Batman 66. CelebrityAccess super-sleuths did some in-depth research and a premium Stern Batman 66 pinball machine (with shaker motor) goes on eBay for about $7,000.

The Beatles White Album overview with Giles Martin

Here is a fantastic article about the upcoming release of The Beatles White album by Simon Cosyns for the Sun. It has excellent commentary and insight from Giles Martin Click here for the report.

October 21, 2018
The MonaLisa Twins release their cover version of the Beatles classic "I'll Following the Sun"

October 17, 2018
Cannabis is now legal in Canada - Could the legalization of Cannabis in Canada (2nd to Uruguay) have been influenced by the late John Lennon? 

John Lennon provided his experience and insight to the "Le Dain Commission of Inquiry Into the Non-Medical Use of Drugs," December 22, 1969, on a Rapido train in Montréal. John Lennon's testimony was important to the Commission and he is listed as a consultant in the Final Report of that study. The late Ian Campbell, one of the commissioners from that study once stated to the Ottawa Beatles Site: "We met in his private railway car in the CNR Station in Montréal. We held a great many private hearings. In some cases, such as the meeting with Mr. Lennon, a tape recording was made of the conversation and this was later transcribed. But many of the meetings were not recorded. For instance, I met with The Grateful Dead, The Led Zeppelin, Grace Slick and no tape was made. We met with all manner of people who wanted to tell about their experiences or offer their opinions. Often during the four year life of the Commission I would have two or three evenings a week filled with meetings with individuals or small groups. We seemed to gain the trust of a very large number of people. For instance, some drug dealers spoke to us very frankly about their operations. It was all a fascinating exercise."

In spite of good intentions, a government study of this magnitude can sometimes end up on a shelf and never goes anywhere with its recommended reforms. Luckily the Ottawa Citizen and the Toronto Star put the report back into the spotlight. As Commissioner Marie-Andrée Bertrand noted: "Well, it's not so very much, is it? I would have thought that, after all this time, at least for marijuana, the measures would have been much more liberal," i.e. the decriminalization of the drug. Her comments comes from a report that Norman Provencher wrote for the Ottawa Citizen, May 17, 2003 entitled: "Lennon On Drugs Revealed: The Beatle's secret testimony on marijuana in Canada." Then the Toronto Star did their report on December 1, 2013 by Kate Allen entitled "Why Canada banned pot (science had nothing to do with it.)" Canada had some of the toughest laws on the books regarding cannabis. She notes: "Suddenly, there were lots more pot smokers to prosecute and a whole lot of law to do it with: penalties had crept up, until in 1961 trafficking marijuana became punishable with life imprisonment....These harsh penalties had no discernible deterrent effect. In 1967, there were 431 convictions for cannabis possession across Canada. In 1971, there were 8,389."

John Lennon was not an advocate of hard drugs even though he had used LSD. He was in fact in favour of legalizing soft drugs like marijuana. Kate Allen quoted from John Lennon's testimony: "'We are one example of people who have experienced marijuana,' Lennon said, 'Are we sitting in the mud? Are we sitting at home just smoking pot in a den of iniquity?' He told them he quit LSD because 'it did burn my head off,' but that marijuana was a catalyst for peace."

Today, Canadians now have that choice whether to use or pass on the idea with regards to marijuana. It means no fear of legal prosecution for smoking or growing the soft drug. This step forward now frees up police resources where they can go after the more harder drugs like Cocaine, LSD, Peyote, Meth, etc.

October 12, 2018
How the Beatles got their famous logo

"The path to the iconic Beatles logo was a long and winding road in which everything came together, with a little help from some friends" by Jesus Diaz for Fast Company.

University of California to teach a course called "The Reel Beatles"

Beginning in January, a new UCLA course will tell the story of the Beatles through the prism of film. To read the report by Adrian Bicho, UCLA, please click: "New course on Beatles comes together."

October 10, 2018
Everything you wanted to know about the Beatles through Billy J. Kramer, Beatles fan club president Freda Kelly, Peter Asher and Vince Calandra associate producer of the Ed Sullivan Show from 1964, hosted by Beatle historian Martin Lewis

October 9, 2018
"Imagine John Yoko" - a book review by Allan Kozinn

From the Washington Post, "Revisiting 'Imagine,' in John Lennon's own words and pictures"

Yoko Ono does her own cover version of "Imagine"


October 8, 2018
Special vinyl picture disc to be released for George Harrison's "Traveling Wilburys's 'Vol. 1'"

From Rolling Stone: Traveling Wilburys' 'Vol. 1' Prepped for Picture Disc Vinyle Reissue - Limited edition disc marks 30th anniversary of debut LP from supergroup featuring George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbinson

October 5, 2018
In concert Paul McCartney pays tribute to Geoff Emerick

On this date, Paul McCartney performed at the Austin City Music Festival in Austin, Texas. During the concert he gave special acknowledgement about the passing of the Beatles recording engineer Geoff Emerick. The announcement was made just before he was about to play "Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite." Said Paul: "So, the next song here is off of our album Sgt. Pepper. Yeah. I like to take the chance here to dedicate this to one of our fallen heroes, the great engineer - a buddy of mine: the great Geoff Emerick. God bless you Geoff."

The Austin City Music Festival was broadcasted live through Paul McCartney's official Youtube channel with thousands of viewers watching the event on-line.

Michael Seth Starr writes passionate historical book on Ringo Starr

Ringo: With a Little Help is the first in-depth biography of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who kept the beat for an entire generation and who remains a rock icon more than fifty years after The Beatles took the world by storm. This book traces the entire arc of Starr's childhood to his life as The World's Most Famous Drummer - and his triumphs, addictions, and emotional battles following the breakup of The Beatles as he came to terms with his legacy.

Thoroughly researched and thoughtfully written, featuring interviews with childhood friends, industry colleagues, and Beatles insiders, and including reflections from drumming greats Phil Collins, Kenny Aronoff, Max Weinberg, and John Densmore, here is the long-overdue story of Ringo Starr.

Publisher: Backbeat Books

October 3, 2018
It is with profound sadness to announce that Geoff Emerick has died from a heart attack

From the Guardian: "Beatles recording engineer Geoff Emerick dies at age 72 - Grammy-winning engineer worked on records such as Revolver, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Abbey Road and various Paul McCartney solo albums"

From Rolling Stone: "How Geoff Emerick Helped the Beatles Reinvent Music"

Paul McCartney's official commentary on Geoff Emerick: "Paul pays tribute to Geoff Emerick"

And this news report on the 50th anniversary of the White Album from New Music Express

"The Beatles's 50th anniversary remix of 'The White Album' - what we learned from Giles Martin's revelatory playback session"

October 1, 2018
Here are two excellent reviews of Paul McCartney's concert performance in Edmonton

The first report is by Mike Ross of the "," please click: "Paul McCartney marathon enters second millennium"

The second report is by Fish Griwkowsky of the "Kingston Whig-Standard," please click: "Paul McCartney pulls off A Hard Day's Night in Edmonton"



On this date "Peggy Sue" dies at the age of 78 - Classic Buddy Holly song became a personal favorite of John Lennon which he covered on his sixth studio album called "Rock 'n' Roll" circa 1975 on Apple Records 



Photo of Peggy Sue Gerron

Click on the John Lennon "Rock 'n' Roll" album cover to listen to his terrific version of "Peggy Sue"
Please read KAIT channel 8 (in Jonesboro, AR) for the report: "Peggy Sue Dies at age of 78"  
Later reports:
(October 2, 2018) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: "The real Peggy Sue, from Buddy Holly's 1958 song, dies in Texas"
(October 3, 2018) Washington Post via "Peggy Sue, woman who inspired Buddy Holly song, dies at 78"

September 29, 2018
The Winnipeg Free Press concert review of Paul McCartney's performance at Bell MTS Place

"A Hard Day's Night, hummed through the dozens of speakers dangling from the rafters, all those voices, young and old, merged like rivers into one overwhelming ocean of sound, welcoming the Beatle back to Winnipeg," writes Erin Lebar in her report: "Fans let go as McCartney amazes - Living legend charms young and old alike."

Paul McCartney performed live at Abbey Road studios!

Want more McCartney? On Spotify you can watch videos of Paul performing his classic hits in a presentation called "Paul McCartney & Spotify Singles: Underneath the Staircase." Overseeing the recording process is Giles Martin, the son of late Beatles producer George Martin. One of the interesting features from the video is watching Paul perform "Lady Madonna" on the original piano that was used for the Beatles recording. The piano has never left Abbey Road studios from the day it was recorded. To watch the videos, you must add them to your Spotify playlist. Click on this logo to gain access:


September 27, 2018
Paul McCartney Announces New Picture Book: HEY! GRANDUDE!

The "White Album" 50th Anniversary Release Preview

September 24, 2018
The Ottawa Beatles Site reviews Paul McCartney's "Egypt Station"

Ottawa Beatles Site Chief Researcher John Whelan examines "Egypt Station" and why it is a classic Paul McCartney album. Click on the album cover or this link for the report: "Egypt Station."

September 21, 2018
McCartney rocks the Bell Centre in Montreal!

Here is the official write-up by Bernard Perusse of the Montreal Gazette to last nights performance by Paul: "Concert review: Hearts go boom for Paul McCartney at the Bell Centre - McCartney crammed an amazing 39 songs into a highly energetic, beautifully staged display of positive energy."

September 19, 2018
The Canadian Press interviews Paul McCartney

To read the excellent write-up by David Friend, please click on the following link: "Paul McCartney on social media, and 50 years of the 'White Album': CP.

Billboard interviews Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Reacts to 'Egypt Station' Topping Billboard 200: 'You Can't Get Much Higher Than No. 1'

September 18, 2018
Billboard publishes their new hit parade listing

And from "JamBase Go See Live Music" with concert videos and set list

"Paul McCartney Begins Freshen Up Tour In Canada"

September 16, 2018
Paul McCartney in Montreal: a history of tears and cheers

Just prior to the Paul McCartney performances in Quebec City (September 17) and in Montreal (September 20), the Montreal Gazette does a retro examination of previous concert performances that he has done as a solo act and with the Beatles in Montreal. Special Montreal Gazette correspondent Bernard Perusse astutely observes: "No one else from McCartney's era is able to summon so much raw emotion in a live setting. And given that you'll see more millennials at a McCartney show than at a concert by any other boomer act, the eye-dabbing can't be entirely explained by nostalgia."

To read the full report by Bernard Perusse, please click: "Paul McCartney in Montreal: a history of tears and cheers."

Egypt Station goes No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Chart

Paul McCartney's Egypt Station "which was released on Sept. 7 via MPL/Capitol Records, launches with a larger-than-expected 153,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending Sept. 13 according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 147,000 were in traditional album sales," writes Billboard.

Egypt Station is Paul McCartney's first No. 1 album since the iconic release of his Tug of War album in 1982. On Facebook, he was quick to react to the announcement: "Thanks to all our fabulous fans and the whole team behind this record for making it number one - yippee! Love Paul x." 

On September 18 - when Billboard updates its website - is when the No. 1 ranking will be reflected in the chart.

You can read the full report: "Paul McCartney Earns First No. 1 Album in Over 36 Years on Billboard 200 Chart With 'Egypt Station.'"

September 13, 2018
From WIRED: Paul McCartney Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

September 11, 2018
Paul McCartney breaks down his most iconic songs

September 8, 2018
Highlights from Paul McCartney's performance at Grand Central Station in New York city

September 7, 2018
Paul McCartney talks about his new album "Egypt Station" on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

September 4, 2018
Russian super Beatles fan Koyla Vasin has died at the age of 73

To your left, Koyla Vasin

Koyla Vasin who was featured in Leslie Woodhead's book and television documentary entitled "How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin" has died from a fall at a St Petersburg shopping centre. Vasin started listening to the Beatles since 1964 when the music was legally banned in the U.S.S.R. by the communist government. Koyla had lived in a small room in Pushinkaya where he amassed one of the largest Beatles fan-based collections in the world. His most prized collectable occurred after he sent in a telegram wishing John Lennon a Happy Birthday. His telegram was selected from the many thousands that were sent in and so John Lennon and Yoko Ono autographed the "Live Peace In Toronto" album which Vasin received.

New Music Express wrote a lovely article on Vasin: All You Need Is Love: Russia Beatles fan who dedicated his life to the band has died, aged 73 

Other points of interest: "John Lennon wall in Prague"
Testimony from the Beatles in Vancouver video: "Beatles music was banned in Hungary"
"Lennon's Temple Of Love" with comments from Koyla Vasin by Olga Barishnikova
"Koyla Vasin: Russian fan who gave the Beatles all his loving" by BBC News Services

September 2, 2018
New book: "The Making of John Lennon" by Francis Kenny of Liverpool

The Making of John Lennon
by Francis Kenny
Publisher: Red Lightning Books
Price: $20.00 American and $28.59 Canadian

"The author focuses on the question of what might have caused the downfall of one of the most brilliant musicians of the past century. Kenny emphasizes three main influences which helped shape Lennon's creative process and stayed with him throughout his life: his strong roots in his hometown of Liverpool; his troubled mental health; and a turbulent family background." - Huffington Post

"A carefully prepared examination of Lennon's early years, slowly examining the general picture that surrounded John's life, rather than focusing on one specific aspect, wrapping the surroundings of the city, the family, the friends, the music, and the events which forged the young man who became a 20th century icon, into a whole."
- Bill Harry, author of the John Lennon Encyclopedia

August 31, 2018
"The Hottest Gong In Town" by George Harrison

Another gem from George Harrison that was released on 22 June 1992. The song would have suited well on the Beatles White Album given the musical style that George created.

August 26, 2018
50th Anniversary of "Hey Jude"

Hard to believe but it is now 50 years since the Beatles released "Hey Jude" on this day. I played this over and over and over, that song along with John Lennon's "Revolution"...the ultimate protest song that the band would ever present. explains how Paul McCartney weaved "Hey Jude" into a classic pop masterpiece. Even today, Paul shows no signs of slowing down when performing the song at live concerts.

You can read the RollingStone article by clicking here.

- John Whelan

August 23, 2018
John Lennon - Imagine: the Ultimate Collection out on October 5, 2018

You can read the review and track listing courtesy of by clicking on this active link.

August 22, 2018
On this day the Beatles play their first Canadian concert in Vancouver at the Empire Stadium

10 August 2018
New book explores George Martin's musical and business success that made him one of the hottest musical producers of all time!

The business secrets of the late Beatles producer Sir George Martin are emerging in a new biography by Kenneth Womack. It is published by Chicago Review Press on September 4, 2018 and is the sequel to Maximum Volume: The Life of Beatles Producer George Martin, The Early Years, 1926-1966.

Mark Beech, contributing writer to Forbes, provides a report at the following link: "Beatles Producer George Martin's Formula Revealed For Musical Money Making."

9 August 2018
Paul McCartney's 'Egypt Station' station will be in stores on September 7, 2018

From RollingStone: 'Paul McCartney's Producer Greg Kurstin Breaks Down Egypt Station'  "He's pushing the boundaries in his songwriting," Kustin says of McCartney's upcoming LP.

25 July 2018
Paul McCartney in Conversation with Jarvis Cocker of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

On this date Paul McCartney is interviewed by Jarvis Cocker of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. One of the questions that was asked was what cover versions of Beatles songs done by other artists does he admire the best. Listen to the audio to find out Paul's interesting response.


23 July 2018

Real Love: A cartoonist draws on her teenage obsession with the Beatles


Carol Tyler found her Beatles-centric diaries from the '60s and was inspired to create new illustrations of those days. Click here for the full report.





19 July 2018

Ottawa Beatles Site spotlight on George Harrison




July 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

50th Anniversary of Yellow Submarine movie now at Cineplex Odeon South Keys Cinemas in Ottawa


"An exuberant fusion of music, film and art, YELLOW SUBMARINE is a landmark cinematic experience that is as fun and vibrant as it was in 1968." Movie goers will enjoy the "glorious surround sound with the groundbreaking animation presented in stunningly-remastered 4k." YELLOW SUBMARINE is "the technicolour adventure of a lifetime." - Various excerpts from Apple Records promo press release.


Cineplex Odeon movie dates and times

July 8 - 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

July 9 - 11:20 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

July 10 - 1:00 p.m.

July 11 - 4:30 p.m.

July 12 - 1:00 p.m.


Official Podcast "Yellow Sub Sandwich"


Presented by music and movies expert Edith Bowman and movie critic Robbie Collin, this is a podcast with a difference; it comes in two parts: “before” and “after” - a bit to listen to before you see the movie and a bit for after.


With great stories about the making of the movie and fresh insight into what makes it so iconic and influential, The Yellow Sub Sandwich features all you need to know about the movie and why you should go and see it, where it was intended to be experienced, back on the big screen.


Edith and Robbie are joined in the studio by one of the original animators of the movie Malcolm Draper and Beatles music expert Ed Potton, and the podcast also features new interviews with:


- Chris Shepherd - award-winning Liverpudlian animator
- Edgar Wright – movie director (Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End, Baby Driver)
- Josh Weinstein – Show Runner of the Simpsons and Futurama
- Peter Lord – co founder of Aardman Animation (Chicken Run, Flushed Away, Arthur Christmas, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!)
- Sam Carter – the frontman of leading metal band, Architects


The podcast also features archive audio of:

David Livesey – animator on Yellow Submarine
Paul Angelis – actor and the voice of Ringo and the Chief Blue Meanie


George Harrison
Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr





27 April 2018
Roy Young died today     By Tony Copple

John and I were saddened by this news. Roy was a delightful man, and a very fine boogie-woogie and blues pianist, with great stories of the many times he played with the Beatles, and when he nearly became a Beatle. And he did play on a number of Beatles tracks.
Here are the obituaries from the Oxford Mail and The Independent.
On 22 December 2001 I visited Roy and his wife Carol in their Toronto home, and obtained an in-depth interview. A transcript has been available ever since on the Ottawa Beatles Site. We chatted mainly about the Hamburg days, his memories of John, Paul, George, Pete and Ringo, Tony Sheridan, and what it was like to play in that frenetic environment. I had brought a string of questions from various members of the Ottawa Beatles fraternity, and Roy was so co-operative. In those days my interviewing technique was strictly by instinct/common sense, but he made it easy, partly because he is such a consumate musician that he could speak with authority on any of the music questions. Every so often we would break off and he'd play me a tune. This was in the days when his Beatles covers album, 'Now and Then,' was new in the stores. He didn't have a web site, and I offered to do one for him, which I did. We corresponded quite frequently for a while.
Although he lived in Toronto for many years, he finally returned to his British roots with Carol.

20 July 2017
Lisa Lauren

In June in an IHOP in San Bruno California we heard a beautiful rendition of Love me do. Turned out the restaurant was tuned into The Coffee House, Ch 14 on Sirius XM. (Other restaurants should follow suit). I emailed Ch 14. Yesterday they replied and told me it was Lisa Lauren. I researched and bought "Lisa Lauren loves the Beatles" (2006 release) on iTunes. These are some of the best Beatles covers I ever heard, reminding me of how Laila Biali might do them. I prefer 'Love me do' to the Beatles' version. 15 tracks for $9.99 - value! David Sanborn on sax.

Tue 18 July 2017, 7 pm
Deconstructing The Beatles' White Album - Movie

Cineplex Odeon South Keys, 2214 Bank St, Ottawa

Future shows: Rubber Soul 1 Aug
Revolver 8 Aug
Sgt Pepper 15 Aug
White Album 22 Aug

Tue 4 June 2017, 7 pm
Deconstructing The Beatles' Revolver - Movie

Cineplex Odeon South Keys, 2214 Bank St, Ottawa

Photos below - with Alan and Boris


Fri 2 June 2017
Back to Pepperland - Ottawa celebrates 50th Anniversary of the release of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Click to watch full length video

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th Anniv 2 Jun live concert at Greenfield's Pub 'Back to Pepperland' by Jonesey Band + brass and string sections - so glad I was there for historic event. New release sets remastered by Giles Martin now available at

Wed 26 Oct 2016, 8 pm
"Lennon Through a Glass Onion"
Centrepointe Theatre.  A few seats left.  
Tickets $48.50
Excellent Montreal Gazette article
Other reviews, accolades

Fri 16 Sep 2016 - General release in Canada
"The Beatles - 8 Days a Week - The Touring Years"
South Keys Cinemas, 2214 Bank St., Ottawa
Friday 16 September.
Showtimes, when announced.

Click pic for trailer.

Ron Howard's authorized and highly-anticipated documentary feature film is based on the first part of The Beatles’ career (1962-1966) – the period in which they toured and captured the world’s acclaim. The film explores the band’s inner workings – how they made decisions, created their music and built their collective career together – all the while, exploring The Beatles’ extraordinary and unique musical gifts and their remarkable, complementary personalities. It will focus on the time period from the early Beatles’ journey in the days of The Cavern Club in Liverpool to their last concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco in 1966.

Released: 	September 16, 2016 - select theatres
Director: 	Ron Howard
Producers: 	Brian Grazer, Nigel Sinclair, Olivia Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Ron Howard, Scott Pascucci, Yoko Ono
Studio: 	Elevation Pictures
Cast: 		Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, George Harrison
Length: 	138 minutes

Read Alan Chrisman's excellent: review

16 Nov 2015 - Kelly Egan in the Ottawa Citizen
The Long and Winding Road of Beatles records that came from Smiths Falls
Citizen article
The article documents a new book by Piers Hemmingsen: "The Beatles in Canada, the Origins of Beatlemania"

1 April 2015
Cynthia Lennon: 1939 - 2015

Sat 7 Feb 2015, 4 and 8 pm
Let it Be - a celebration of the music of the Beatles
"By far the best Beatles show yet"
Centrepointe Theatre 613-580-2700
Will sell out ...

11 Oct 2014
As tweeted - ‏@tonycopple
When Will The Beatles Special Be Released?
If you tuned in to "The Beatles: The Night That Changed America — A GRAMMY Salute" last February (see notice below), you know that the event was surely a night to remember. And you probably want to remember it forever by owning an official recording. Unfortunately the release seems to be bogged down by royalty and licensing negotiations, since the artists agreed to play without these being tied up in advance. Bless them for doing that, but let's send a clear message to the Grammy's and other stakeholders that fans want a permanent record of that great night (which I missed because I was in England where the event was ignored.)
Release the DVD of The Night That Changed America

4 Sept 2014
50 Year Anniversary of the Beatles coming to Canada
To mark this anniversary, Michael Enright and the CBC Radio 1 producers dug deep into their 'Rewind' archives and came up with a lot of fascinating historic material.
Listen here:

26 May - 2 June 2014
From the folks that brought you Give Peace a Chance: the photographs of Gerry Dieter, compiled by Joan Athey, this historic event will inspire you and bring you peace and joy, combining John and Yoko's soujourn in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel with the couple’s subsequent visit in December 1969 when John came to testify at the Le Dain Commission of Inquiry into the Non-Medical Use of Drugs.
Here are full details of the event

Thurs, 8 May 2014, 9:00 pm
Jonesey and the GreyTones play Long Tall Sally
Where: Maxwell's, 340 Elgin Street
$5 cover charge
After lovingly re-creating Beatlemania in November 2013 and Twist and Shout in February 2014, Jonesey and the GreyTones will be covering the third, and last, Canadian only Beatles LP, Long Tall Sally, released by Capitol Records of Canada on May 11 1964, almost exactly fifty years ago. This exciting album closes the first act of the Beatles' incredible journey through the 1960s. So come and get your early Beatles fix and rock out Cavern Club style at Maxwell's.
Jonesey and the GreyTones: Paul Johanis, Jim Devlin, Gib Rozon, guitar and vocals; Myk Hewitt, bass; Michel Cloutier, drums
Jonesey bio and website

Sat, 3 May 2014, 9:30 pm
Jonesey and the GreyTones play The Savage Young Beatles
Where: The Carleton Tavern, 223 Armstrong Street, off Parkdale
No cover charge
Mach Shau: The Beatles in Hamburg Before they were big stars, the Beatles went over to Hamburg, Germany five times over a three year period from 1960 to 1962, playing hundreds of shows in the not so nice clubs of the red light district, where the German patrons loved high energy rock and roll, almost punk rock twenty years before Punk. One of the early club owners would yell at them "Mach shau", make a show, meaning get wild and crazy, which is what we plan to do, well as much as our old bones will let us, covering the songs they played on their last trip to the Star Club in December 1962. No better place to do this particular show than the Carleton Tavern! Jonesey and the GreyTones - Paul Johanis (Jonesey), Jim Devlin and Gib Rozon on guitar and vocals, Myk Hewitt on bass and Michel Cloutier on drums - will also be playing Beatles tunes from the Long Tall Sally album and other mid-sixties rock.
Contact: Paul Johanis,, 613-513-8372
Jonesey bio and website

Thurs, 20 February, 8:30

Beatles vs Rolling Stones!!
Jonesey in association with FAB GEAR 64 presents 20-50-60, a celebration
20 Anniversary of FABGEAR 64
50 Anniversary of the British Invasion and everything Beatles in North America
The Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones tribute), AND Jonesey and the GreyTones (Beatles tribute)
Also: Project 64: Both bands get together to cover other great 1964 rock hits
FAB GEAR 64 Mod fashion show
Photo exhibit and talk with rock photgrapher John Rowlands
WHEN: February 20, 8:30 PM
WHERE: Greenfields Pub, 900 Greenbank Road
Tickets: $10 at the door or in advance at
Band info:
The Dead Flowers
with Terry Tufts, Kathryn Briggs, Ken Workman, Sean Burke, Don Kenny
Jonesey and the GreyTones
with Jim Devlin, Myk Hewitt, Paul Johanis and Gib Rozon (and Uncle Bob Cabana sitting in)
Contact: Paul Johanis,, 613-513-8372

See brief video and a photo.

Feb 9, 2014
The Night that Changed America
GRAMMY Beatles Special being filmed Jan 27, the night after Paul & Ringo perform at the Grammys, will air Feb. 9 on CBS at 8PM EST. The two-hour CBS special to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four's legendary debut performance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" will feature some of today's finest artists.
Grammy's Beatles TV Special

Jan 26, 2014
The Grammys, as if you didn't know.
Paul and Ringo performed.

Jan 30, 2014, 9:00 pm
Jonesey presents "Twist and Shout, a tribute to The Beatles second Album"
Maxwell's Bistro, 340 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Cover: $5

On February 3, 1964, Capitol Records of Canada released the Beatles second album here in Canada, which they called Twist and Shout. It actually contained mostly the same songs as the Beatles' first album in the UK, called Please Please Me, released almost a year earlier. But Beatlemania had exploded since then, the Beatles were to appear on the Ed Sullivan show on February 9 and everyone was scrambling to put everything Beatles out there. This is another uniquely Canadian release, with unique cover art and liner notes. This is where we learned that George enjoyed egg and chips and that Ringo's ambition was to own a string of hair salons. Charming!
Jonesey and the GreyTones, which will include, in addition to Jonesey (Paul Johanis), Jim Devlin on guitar and vocals, Myk Hewitt on bass and Michel Cloutier on drums, will also be playing Beatles tunes from the Beatlemania! album and other songs featured on the Beatles' appearances on the Ed Sullivan show, 50 years ago...
Contact: Paul Johanis,
Jonesey bio and website:

Click for video                     More photos

Mon Jan 20, 2014
A new Beatles box set called the U.S. Albums shows Canadians got a better deal from the early Beatles than fans across the border. Read the story:

The day Canada heard the Beatles
How Paul White brought Love Me Do, Please Please Me, From Me To You and She Loves You to the Great White North
Ottawa Citizen by Bruce Ward